Great financing makes it easy to go solar!

You may qualify for a financing lease from Solar Scotia Energy on a system for your home to generate clean, renewable energy and reduce - or eliminate - your power bill. The lease rate is an attractive 3.5% over a 10 year term.  At the end of the lease you can buy the system out for a $50 fee to transfer ownership and continue to generate electricity for the remaining life of the system - an additional 15 to 20 years.

We can customize a turnkey-package for your home to offset some, or all, of your current electricity use.

As a Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF), Solar Scotia Energy is a community initiative rather than a Main Street commercial bank, so you would be receiving community-sourced financing from a local Nova Scotian company - Think Local! Click here to visit the Solar Scotia Energy website for further details on its financing.

For a preliminary assessment of your home's solar suitability, click here and fill out some information about your property.

                                         Installation by Nova Solar Capital


SKYLIT, formerly Nova Solar Capital, is a solar PV installer, and the province's only Solar PV Projects Development Company.
As the largest player in the residential Solar PV market in Nova Scotia, we can offer complete turnkey
solar solutions - including the best financing available - making it easy and affordable to go solar with us!